Class Descriptions

Main Sessions

The Way to Peace
Cheree Hayes

When Jesus introduced Himself as the only way to the Father’s house in John chapter 14, He commanded His disciples to not let their hearts be troubled. Jesus knows that our hearts must be freed from anxiety’s habits in order to experience His habitation of peace. We agree with this logic but how do we actually heed this command and not allow our hearts to be overcome with troubles? In this main session, we will learn practical life-changing keys to living free from anxiety so we can embrace the overcoming peace Jesus prepared for us to live in today.

The Language of the Kingdom
Terri Cowley

Our words are powerful. They have the ability to reveal hearts and the power to expand the kingdom of their origination. This is a study on aligning our hearts and our language in our prayers and beyond with God’s kingdom.

Workshop Tracks

Introduction to Sonship
Jody Mayhew

Sonship studies are facilitated, interactive groups which gather to explore the implications of living as sons of God. Since Jesus came and modeled such living, we will grow into His image and likeness through His relational influence. This breakout session will explore the implications of discipleship that addresses learning from the heart.

Listening Corporately (2 sessions)
Jody Mayhew

This workshop will require two sessions.  I will share keys for prayer in corporate gatherings.  We will learn how to listen together and be led as the Body of Christ. I will share a variety of ways we can bring our hearts together to hear, and we  will practice some of these exercises during our time together.

Praying the Scriptures
Jody Mayhew

We learn the language of God as we hear His heart through His Word.  This class examines the value of meditation and reflection as our hearts are brought into agreement with the Spirit of Truth.

Stillness: Habitat to Hear:
Jody Mayhew

The pace of our culture leaves us longing for space and simplicity.  Making room for your relationship with the Lord is a critical factor for maturing in Christ.  This time together will encourage us toward a neglected spiritual practice.

Currency of Faith
Jody Mayhew

Faith describes the activity of God, in us and through us.  It is the pregnancy and fruition of God’s Word implanted in our hearts.  This workshop looks at how faith is activated in our lives.

Follow the Arrows: Praying with Purpose
Dan Mayhew

In ancient warfare, the archers were the first to enter the battle. In the same way, prayer begins the forward movement of the kingdom. Check the inventory of the armory of God.

Renovating Your Prayer Closet
Dan Mayhew

Does your prayer life need an overhaul? Does it feel a little cramped? Knock out a few walls to get that open concept in your prayer room. Are you ready to see your fixer-upper?

Pause … and Confess
Judy Glanz

Confessions include more than admitting to sin and mistakes in search of forgiveness of God and others. Confessions of faith and confessions of identity with Christ are included in our purposeful confessions as Christian believers.  When you pause to confess start with God and what is true about him.  In this workshop we will engage in confessions of faith through reflection upon the character of God.

Glory in Unity 
Melodie Steele

How we, the bride of Christ, reflect God’s glory to the world when we inhabit His presence and dwell in unity (John 17).

Overcoming Otherness
Melodie and Terry Steele

How to identify and overcome cultural barriers that inhibit unity and block our reflection of God’s glory.

Personal Healing Prayer
Julie Tadema

Whatever we believe to be true acts as truth to us.  Wherever there is conflict, there is pain. Healing comes through renewing our minds with the truth revealed through prayer.

  • Session One:  Human Construct
  • Session Two: Purpose of Pain
  •  Session Three: Interrogate Beliefs
  •  Session Four: Redeemed Traits

Calvin Tadema

An intercessor facilitates a conversation between a person and God.  These classes are designed to encourage intercessors to confidently lead others in healing prayer.

  •  Session One: Mind Renewal
  •  Session Two: Healing Prayer Model
  •  Session Three: Spiritual Transactions
  •  Session Four: Age and Stage
The Human Spirit. Why Do We Have One?

Tracy Jarvis and Gail Perry

What is the human spirit’s part or function in our daily experience? We can all think of ways to feed and nurture our bodies and souls but how do we feed and nurture our spirits? This class will be part lecture and part demo.

Multi-Sensory Prayer Practices
Benjamin and Heidi Beth Sadler

In this workshop, Benjamin and his wife Heidi will give you ideas for expanding your prayer life by sharing various tools for connecting with God. These include songwriting, times of silence, and prayer postures.


Weapons of the Spirit: Confession for the Cleansing of the Bride
Christine Reando and Faith Wold

Confession in prayer is a much overlooked and neglected weapon, but it’s a superpower for every believer! Discover the power of confession in prayer to cleanse spiritual ground and make way for the Lord’s deliverance. Join us in learning to cleanse the body of Christ in prayer and receive the tools to walk with Him in freeing His Bride.

Weapons of the Spirit: Deliverance Ministry for Every Believer
Christine Reando and Faith Wold

Deliverance from evil spirits in believers is a widely varied practice with many differing views and methods being taught. Join us as we discuss the structure of spiritual strongholds, identifying spirits including areas such as depression, shame, and perfectionism, and learn how to receive strategy from the Lord for each individual case of demonic involvement. Q&A session at the end.

Weapons of the Spirit: Fasting and the Art of Hunger
Christine Reando and Faith Wold

Fasting is an art, a discipline, and a joyous “yes!” to a loving Father. Discover how fasting can be a part of every believer’s life, how and why it functions as an essential and formidable spiritual weapon, and what to expect as the body goes without food but feasts on the Word. Q&A session at the end.

Beginning to Discern the Holy Spirit’s Voice
Cheree Hayes

We know that the Lord spoke to people like Moses, King David, and the Apostle Paul. But does the Lord still speak today? If so, who does He talk to, how does He speak, and how can we be sure it is Him? In this beginners course, we will learn to approach life in Christ as a dynamic dialogue with His Spirit of truth and His Holy Scriptures.

Advancing to Discern the Holy Spirit’s Voice
Cheree Hayes

Are you a dreamer? Do you see moving pictures in prayer? Do you often perceive past, present or future events with a heavenly insight that proves to impact others? Do you desire to have any of these spiritual abilities? All of His sheep hear the Good Shepherd’s voice but if you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you might have an additional prophetic gift that needs to be discovered, developed, and stewarded wisely. In this course, we will learn how to grow in discernment, avoid perilous pitfalls, and advance to build up the church in love.

How to Make Disciples
Cheree Hayes

Our Lord commanded us to make disciples but many of us make excuses instead. In this course, we will address hindrances to our obedience, learn how to overcome, and begin to embrace the practical process of disciple-making with love and wisdom.

Terri Cowley and Heidi Beth Sadler

A discussion exploring how creating a culture of confession in our prayer life and communities releases the work of the Spirit to produce maturity and intimacy.

Overcoming the Strong Man
Terri Cowley

This session will discuss how our lifestyle plays a role in confronting the root sins and the spiritual forces behind them that hold people captive. We will specifically be looking at how a lifestyle of kingdom of God-originated generosity impacts intercession, and then applying this truth in other arenas.

Inhabiting His Presence
Jody Mayhew

What will it take to see a move of God initiated and sustained? How do we move from programatic approaches to ministry to developing relational intimacy with the Lord? How do we cooperate within the Body of Christ to see the prayer of unity, from John 17, fulfilled? This session will look at the how the people of God can host His Presence in a sustained movement.