Introducing Abide

Abide, at its core, is relational. Our passion is to see the church grow in relationship with the Lord, and train the church to express that relationship with one another.

The vision for ABIDE was a response to a growing hunger among women for a different kind of training in leadership. There was a heart hunger for ongoing, inspired instruction from a place of abiding in, and reliance upon the Holy Spirit, rather than learning methods and strategies.

The curriculum for the Abide schools has been developed by a team of women in Christian leadership who teach and lead by example and inspiration, while abiding in and relying on the Holy Spirit, rather than teaching methods, strategies or programs.

ABIDE offers schools of prayer, ministry, and leadership offered at no cost with the intention of building ongoing relationships between Christians around the world. This makes training available to gifted women where funding is rare or impossible.

Abide was founded with the desire to see the body of Christ brought to maturity. Following her travels in 2009, the Lord gave Jody a vision for the School of Prayer, School of Ministry, and the School of Leadership. Beginning with a team of 20 Christian women, Abide ministries was formed to make that vision a reality. Through extensive times of gathering in prayer and worship the Abide team has grown to include brothers and sisters who believe they have been entrusted with keys for developing unity within the church and maturity in the bride. Their intention is to steward those keys with care.