Kimberley Lee

Oasis Team – Tucson, Arizona

     I am Kimberley Lee. I have been blessed beyond measure to be loved absurdly for 25 years by my husband and soulmate, Bryan Lee. We have three children, two of them in college and one a senior in high school. 
     Last year, Bryan unexpectedly passed away and I am navigating life without my best friend. I am learning how to hold the tension of profound grief and profound treasure. 
     Every label I had over the last three decades; special education teacher, pastor's wife, writer, small group leader, church planter, mentor, friend, mom, and wife has been peeled back to reveal that my relationship with Jesus, as a child of God, has to be the main focus of my life because it is my eternal title. 
     I am passionate about encouraging the Church and helping others learn how to hear from God, walk in their true identity, and live out being a disciple of Jesus Christ!