Liesl Coates

Liesl Coates grew up in a Christian family and had the rich heritage of a grandfather who was a Presbyterian pastor on her maternal side, and grandparents on her paternal side who in retirement taught school in a Christian school on the Ivory Coast of Africa.  She accepted Christ at least 5 times as a small child, every time there was an alter call at the evangelistic services her Baptist church held for youth.  Liesl married a wonderful man and raised two beautiful sons who recently graduated from college and are embarking on the journey of adulthood.  She works for Coach, the designer handbag company, as a manager leading sales and the training and development of the associate team. Over 10 years ago, Liesl enrolled in graduate school to teach english, and instead God took her on a very different path, personalizing His own school for her with private lessons.  Through this Liesl developed a passion for knowing God deeply and having her identity completely found in Him.  God has blessed Liesl by giving her a rich mission field in the land where He planted her for work, but also a ministry within her extended family and friendships.