Melinda Bobell

Oasis Team, Vail, Arizona,
     I accepted Jesus as my Savior while in middle school. I even sensed
a “call” on my life but had absolutely no idea what that meant. While
in high school, I believed the lie that I “did not belong” and would
never be “good enough”. For many years I lived in that lie and in the
depths of addiction.
In 1981, as a result of many people praying for me, the LORD
brought me to the point of desperate surrender. Because of His
Grace, I got clean & sober and was drawn back into my faith. As my
faith in Jesus became my own and I began to grow in the knowledge
of His grace, my desire to go deeper grew.
The ministry of Jody Mayhew, through Prayer Summits & Sonship,
and Julie Tadema, through Healing prayer, were pivotal in the lies
being exchanged for the truth of who I am in Jesus. He has given me a new name and continues developing my gifts.
My husband, Bruce, and I have served in several ways in our local church and in our community. We have been married over 30 years and I am believing the LORD has more for us in our latter years. My passion is to encourage others as they exchange the lies of the enemy for the Truth of Jesus. Two of my favorite ways of doing this is “walking & talking” with folks and creating & sending cards. I want others to know that they are truly the LORD’s treasure, created in His image for His Kingdom’s expansion and His Glory.