The Way to Peace

Cheree Hayes

When Jesus introduced Himself as the only way to the Father’s house in John chapter 14, He commanded His disciples to not let their hearts be troubled. Jesus knows that our hearts must be freed from anxiety’s habits in order to experience His habitation of peace. We agree with this logic but how do we actually heed this command and not allow our hearts to be overcome with troubles? In this main session, we will learn practical life-changing keys to living free from anxiety so we can embrace the overcoming peace Jesus prepared for us to live in today.

2 thoughts on “The Way to Peace”

  1. Cheree. Thank you for this message. For this reminder that Peace is a Person. That following Christ is walking with him and being willing to go the hard places he calls us. That He has done what needs to be done to remove from us the things that keep us from him. That He is for us. That we are to be his home. That your voice quivers when you talk about the depth of goodness of Jesus. Because you drink deeply. Your heart is fixed and focused and convinced and captivated. You are wise. You are beautiful. You are malleable. You bless Us.

    Thank you for these words and song. Thank you for knowing the Spirit leading is the best leading. That outlines don’t bring us to Jesus. But the Spirit does. This is the mansion. Here and now, he’s prepared a dwelling place for us.

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